The death toll from the Pakistan mosque explosion has risen to 88.

A bomb blast in Peshawar city in Pakistan had killed at least 59 people and left about 157 injured.

The explosion appeared to target security operatives as the mosque is within an area housing a police headquarters area.

Police officials had said the incident was a suicide attack.

On Tuesday, rescuers were still trying to find worshippers buried under the rubble.

Mohammad Faizi, a spokesperson for the rescue efforts, told the BBC that the operation would continue for another three hours.

“The rescue operation has been going on for more than 18 hours,” BBC quoted him as saying.

“The bodies of 20 more people have been recovered and it’s feared that some bodies may still be under the rubble.”

According to the report, ambulances were seen racing in and out of the compound every few minutes.

Meanwhile, funerals have been carried out for more than 20 police officers with their coffins draped with the Pakistan flag.

Muhammad Khan, a police official, had said between 300 to 400 police personnel were present in the area at the time of the blast.

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi has condemned the attack, saying measures would be put in place to take out terrorism from the roots in the country.

He said, “There is a need to take joint and far-reaching measures to eradicate terrorism from its roots. Schools of thought must work together to eliminate the ideological base of terrorists.

“Islam does not allow brutal killings and suicide attacks of citizens. Such acts of terrorism are against the teachings of Islam. Praying for the speedy recovery of those injured in the attack.”


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